Mozzarella di Bufalla and cherry tomato
with fresh basil, rock salt and olive oil
80 CZK
Roasted plums
stuffed with almonds and wrapped in bacon served on a fresh salad with home-made garlic bread
80 CZK
Goats cheese crostini on fresh leaves
served on homemade bread with red onion jam
95 CZK
Fried shrimps in batter , decorated onion rings
on leaves of romaine lettuce (L / XL )
130 CZK/ 200 CZK


Strong chicken broth
with meat, home-made noodles and vegetables
55 CZK
Garlic soup with sausage
egg, cheese and croutons
55 CZK

True Italian tomato soup
made from fresh tomatoes, sprinkled with parmesan cheese and garnished with basil

75 CZK
Tripe soup
55 CZK
Soup of the day
55 CZK

Main courses

Braised beef in root vegetable sauce
with lemon and cranberries
140 CZK
Traditional Czech beef goulash
120 CZK
Beef Tartar (chefs mixture) – 
served with traditional fried bread and garlic
190 CZK
Moravian sparrow (pork shoulder) with cabbage or spinach
120 CZK
Roasted pork belly ribs L/XL
served with horseradish, mustard, cucumber, bread
95 CZK/ 155 CZK
Fried Escalope of pork
115 CZK
Fried chicken breast
115 CZK
5 pcs Roasted Chicken Wings
95 CZK
10 pcs Fried chicken Wings with sweet chilli sauce, bread 99 CZK
Fried German cheese “Holstein”
homemade tartar sauce
95 CZK
Extra side dishes to the main courses and starters:
Homemade dumplings, boiled potatoes, roasted potatoes,
mashed potatoes, steak fries, homemade toasted ciabattat
45 CZK

Indian specialities

Meals are prepared by Indian cook who is guarantee of autenticity of Indian meals.
Chicken or shrimps or vegetables( potatoes, vegetable mix, herbs)

pre-marinated in yogurt and masala spices, served in slightly spicy tomato-yogurt sauce
185 CZK
Chicken or shrimps or vegetables( potatoes, vegetable mix, herbs)
onion , coconut cream , almonds , ginger, garlic , turmeric , curry
185 CZK
(Special Indian sauce – pepper, chilii, onion, ginger, tomatoes, garm masala)
beef or chicken or shrimps, or vegetables
195 CZK
Extra side dishes to the main courses and starters:
Egg rice, steamed Basmati rice, vegetable rice, Naan bread (Indian bread), garlic naan bread
45 CZK


Rib eye steak
200 g
290 CZK
Flank steak
200 g
290 CZK
Chicken breast
200 g
155 CZK
Pork tenderloin
200 g
195 CZK
100Ry Burger ( premium quality beef - Aberdeen Angus of jung bull)
Beef, bacon , cheddar cheese , lettuce , tomatoes, cucumbers , homemade mayonnaise
205 CZK

Choice of: Garlic butter / pepper sauce / barbecue / chilli jam / ketchup / plum sauce / homemade tartar sauce/

Degrees of steak doneness

Blue rare – seared on the outside, completely red throughout
Rare – seared and still red 75% through centre
Medium rare - seared with 50% red centre
Medium – seared outside, 25% pink showing inside
Medium well – seared throughout with a slight hint of pink
Well done – 100% brown


Extra Side dishes for steaks:
Grilled vegetables, Potato Wedges-(spicy, roasted), ½ Grilled buttered corn, potatoes served with garlic dip and roasted English Bacon, homemade toasted ciabatta

45 CZK

Salads and Pasta

Tagliatelle “Aglio olio e peperoncino” - chilli, garlic
135 CZK
with grilled chicken fillet , slices and garlic croutons
135 CZK

Something with wine

Cheese plate of 4 kinds of cheese L/XL
135 CZK/ 260 CZK
Roasted almonds with „Maldoun” sea salt  89 CZK
Green olives  40 CZK
Chips 40 CZK
Salted peanuts  40 CZK
Salt stick 40 CZK

Homemade desserts

Homemade crepe
with Nutella
75 CZK
Sachr Torte
with whipped cream
75 CZK
Ice cream Sundae
with berries , whipped cream
75 CZK
Gulab jamun 2 pc (Indian dessert)
very sweet fried balls of milk, which are loaded in a sweet syrup with cardamom
55 CZK

Opening time

Monday  10:30 - 21:30
Tuesday 10:30 - 22:30
Wednesday 10:30 - 22:30 
Thursday 10:30 - 22:30 
Friday 10:30 - 24:00
Saturday 11:00 - 23:00
Sunday 11:00 - 22:30